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I just picked up a 58" plasma for my latest HT upgrade. I have been using some Panny HTIB speakers for the last several years, with an upgraded receiver and standalone powered sub. I think the speakers are ready to be upgraded, but I am looking for opinions.

I currently just have a left and right channel hooked up, I think the receiver does around 100W/channel. Its a 5.1 receiver and my sources include a mac mini w/digital out, XBox360 w/digital, and the tv itself which has a digital out.

I will be watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. The games and movies are the only thing that does 5.1, unless OTA digital signals have 5.1.. not sure about that one. I am going straight from the wall to the set.

In any case, what are some good speakers I should be looking at that are versatile enough to cover most of my listening?

Also, do I need a center channel? I am not sure if my receiver has phantom mode or not, I know you can choose the number of speakers on it. Its an Onkyo TR-S501. A little dated but I think new speakers will bring it to life.

I have started to read about Energy, Klipsch, etc. A price point I am looking for is around 3-400. I am sure there are no shortage of opinions over floorstanding vs bookshelf, etc.. I have some wall mounts I was thinking about using for my satellite speakers. I am not sure what to do about the center channel, as my TV sits on a stand and putting a speaker in the center would throw off the look of the setup a bit.

The 'look' is still messy as I am shuffling things and moving in still


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