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Hey everyone. I'm sorry for once again having to rely on this site and the kindness of you guys to get some help, but I don't know where else to go and I'm confused as heck. Basically, from the advice of you guys, I picked up a center speaker and a new receiver (Pioneer VSX-518) to improve sound quality and dialogue pickup. Because I'm in an apartment with limited space, I have no subwoofer (don't really need it) and no surround speakers. So, my setup now consists of two bookshelf speakers (on stands) and a center speaker on the tv stand.

Now, the speakers are setup and running fine but I just can't figure out what configuration and setup I should use for my receiver. There are literally like 20 different modes and some meant for just surround sound use, yet, it doesn't say! I'm used to running 2 speakers off a stereo receiver, so you plug it in, turn it on, set to "stereo" and you're good to go. Now, just by adding one speaker, I have like a million different settings. I was so lost before, that when I first plugged the center speaker in, it wasn't working. I kept plugging and unplugging the speaker for an hour until I played with the remote a little and went through some of the other modes that picked up the center. So, yea, I'm no audio pro.

Anyway, there are many modes, but NONE sound as clear and crisp as it does when its just stereo. I kno I just need to configure the receiver better. Theres many modes for the system, but they are only in the surround setup category and I only have a 3.0 setup! The modes for "Surround" include: PRO Logic II Movie, Pro Logic II Music, Pro Logic II Game, Pro Logic (period), and for "advanced surround" Action, Drama, Monofilm, Ent. Show, Expanded, TV Surr., Adv. Game, Sports, Rock, Unplugged, X-Stereo, Phonesur. So, the main categories are Stereo (which doesn't pick up the center speaker) , Surround and Advanced surround......and like I said, the speakers dont sound as clear on any of the surround modes as they do on the stereo.

I'm just looking for some configuration suggestions on how to setup my system with a 3.0 system and recommended modes for my 3.0 setup for just doing mostly TV, Movies, and Games....thats it. I'll attach a manual to the thread so it'd be easier for you guys to help me out with configurations and modes. Sorry about the longevity of the post........ANY help would extremely appreciated. Thanks a lot guys.


Manual - http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/St...s%20Manual.pdf
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