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Confused about size ??

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First time Post , first HT projcet..

I will only be using my projector for DVD movies

and DVD music videos so I am thinking 16x9 and can

only go about 90" wide but I herd somthing about

using a 3x4 to take advanage of full size music

videos that I think are for the most part shot in 3x4 ..

I understand I will have to devise some type of

masking ..

Thank you

Thom G on Maui
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If you have a 16:9 projector, then I'd at least go with a 16:9 screen. Given your width limit of 90" I'd select 89"x50". Your 4:3 videos will then display at 66.5x50.

Can I assume you've set your width based on your seating distance and projector characteristics (resolution)?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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