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Confused on correct cable to hook up Paradigm DSP-3100

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Hi there, this is my first home theater setup and I having a problem understanding what the correct way to hook up my sub and what cable to use. The back of the sub has a left and right RCA but between the labels and manual I'm not sure which cable to use (or if it even matters) I have a straight rca cable and a Y RCA cable and my receiver is a Yamaha RX-A1030 which has a single RCA preout for the sub connection. Does it matter which I use, any pros or cons between them? Thanks!
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According to pg. 7 of the DSP-3100 owner's manual (PDF):
1. Line-Level Input From Sub/LFE Output (Fig. 3) – For use with a receiver ... that has a Sub-Out/LFE-Out jack.

Using an RCA-to-RCA interconnect cable connect ... [to] ... the right (mono) input.
Gotcha, I was looking at the diagrams on page 4 and that wasn't making much sense to me, thanks for clearing that up and reminding me to read the whole manual, just too excited I guess :)
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