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*confused on what to do*

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Afternoon all,

I know that this has been discussed, however a search seemed to lead me in a lot of different directions. (probably using the wrong search criteria)

Any ways, I did lots of reading and was ready to settle down on the Oppo for my new Panny.

Making a few calls to get a HDMI blade so I can watch it, I was told to avoid upscalling, get a progressive and let the TV do all the work.

I am just wondering what everyones thoughts are. Do I click 'buy now' on the oppo or wonder over to BB and get a decent progressive player?

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The Oppo is a progessive scan DVD player. Just because a DVD player upscales does not mean you have to upscale. 480p is still an output option.

PooperScooper: very true, however do I need to spend $200 for 480p when I can get a 'nicer' player for less with only component out?

Are you more comfortable with a name like Sony, or Toshiba, or does the performance benefit out weigh the name on the unit? Personally I'd rather have a more common name and solid ALMOST worry free consistent playback. If I have a problem I'd like to be able to get the unit serviced/exchanged the same day, not ship it to some middleman who then ships it to some factory in China. That being said ther are quite a few gems out there like the Oppo, just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
A good progressive player is going to cost as much as a one of the better low cost upscaling players.

I assume you understand not all progressive players are equal.

Go for the OPPO. Buy direct from OPPO, save shipping if you buy from Amazon, or check the OPPO Digital Ebay store for $160 refurbished units.
Your Pany display....according to all I have read...will absolutely show "Macro Blocking" so you need to avoid the Oppo,Pany s-77/97 like the plage.

Try a Sony ns-70 for both progressive and up scaling....and see which you prefer.
Just curious but are there any TV's that will provide a progressive PQ ( if so,what player) equal to an upconverted PQ from say Oppo?
Originally Posted by andy sullivan
Just curious but are there any TV's that will provide a progressive PQ ( if so,what player) equal to an upconverted PQ from say Oppo?
Not quite sure what you're asking. All fixed pixel displays (DLP, LCD, LCOS, plasma) upscale all inputs to their native resolution. So anything you feed your 1080p JVC will be upscaled to 1080p. It just comes down to whether the JVC should be doing the upscaling, or the DVD player. In general, the player (like the Oppo) does a better job upscaling than the display, plus a DVI/HDMI connection allows you to send a digital signal to the display (no need for a digital-to-analog conversion). My guess is that the Oppo over DVI/HDMI will outperform most progressive scan players with your display.
Great answer. Here's another twist. If My TV has one DVD/HDMI input, should I utilize that input for my signal source (Cable or Sat) and component for the DVD player, or vice versa using say the Oppo?
The Oppo is not a good component player, say there is no question that it needs the DVI/HDMI. Just use component for cable/sat, or buy a switcher.
It doesn't appear that there are many players readily available that can upconvert from the component output. So, the question is, do I use a good progressive scan player and use component or should I buy a switcher to utilize the upconverting abilities of the Oppo or Sony?
IMO, HDMI/DVI makes more of a difference for upscaling players than for cable/satellite, so I would use the digital input for the player and component for the cable/sat (or get a switcher). Of course, you should compare digital versus component for each with your equipment before making the final decision (and before buying a swithcer).
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