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Are there any easy ways to decode LG Plasma names and compare models?

I've had my eye on a 60 inch plasma around $1,000.

The 60PN5700 seemed to fit the bill, but I keep seeing great deals on ones with more features, such as the 60PM6700.

What am I missing and what am I sacrificing for more features?

Is PM better than PN? Is 6700 better than 5700? Are they the same panels with different features?

What doesn't matter much to me:
  • I don't need a smart TV because I use an external google TV box.
  • I don't need a 3D TV.
  • I don't need an overload on inputs and outputs. (HDMI in, optical out)
  • I don't need amazing speakers in the TV because I plan to either use a decent sound bar, or upgrade later to a receiver and better speaker system. However, if the speakers were better than my soundbar, I would ditch it for now.

What matters to me:
  • Image quality.
  • Image quality adjustability / calibration.
  • Optical out doesn't cause any sound mis matching.
  • Optical out doesn't downgrade to PCM (I think that's a thing, right? My current old samsung DLP does this).
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