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So I've been considering upgrading from my current Marantz SR6008 to an AV7701 Pre/Pro and MM7025 2-Channel amp before purchasing a pair of MartinLogan ESLs to replace my current Polks, as I know 'Stats are a bit nit-picky about power.

I was just about convinced to go ahead and make the bump up, but then I looked more closely at Sound&Vision's Lab Measures for the AV8801 and MM8077 as well as the SR7008:




Obviously, those aren't exactly the same units I am considering/have, but they're the top-tier products of the same lines, which would lead one to assume the comparison would be just about equal.

My understanding has been that going to separates of the same overall "make quality" of a similar AVR will decrease distortion or interference because, well, you're separating processing from amplifying. Plus the amp can focus on pushing it's power out with minimal processing, lowering the chance of "overworking" the unit.


However, a few things in the S&V measurements are making me second-guess. Specifically these very similar results:



2 channels continuously driven, 8 ohms (watts @ 0.1% / 1.0% THD): 122.5 / 148.0



Two channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads: 
0.1% distortion at 128.4 watts 
1% distortion at 150.3 watts


Additionally, the graphs only seem to give the MM8077 a small edge over the SR7008 staying level at about .004% until about 100w versus 90w on the later, plus a slower THD increase (but with no roll off as the SR7008 has around 140w).



So I guess my big question is, is the upgrade to separates in this case really going to help me much in terms of running the ESLs? Or am I just trying to talk myself into buying two awesome blue led-rings (seriously, they're just so pretty).


Thanks in advance for any help!

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I don't believe that is enough of an upgrade in power to justify the expense.

Have you considered holding onto your current Marantz and adding an external

Amp if/when needed?
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