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Global shipments of electronic components that will meet home-networking certification standards, established five years ago by a trade group, will almost triple over the next three years as more manufacturers collaborate to make more compatible consumer electronics products.

Manufacturers will ship more than 300 million components certified by the Digital Living Network Alliance, whose 245 companies include LG Electronics, Panasonic and Sony, research company ABI Research said in a report released late last week. About 115 million DLNA-certified components will be shipped this year, up from 83 million last year, according to Jason Blackwell, practice director of ABI's digital home group.

Such growth will largely be driven by Web-connectable TVs, which will account for about 16% of the 2012 total. The number of DLNA-certified Blu-ray Disc players and videogame consoles also will jump, Blackwell said. Annual shipments of TVs with wireless Web connectivity will jump at least fivefold over the next two years as technological advances shrink the cost of adding the feature, according to an ABI report released last month.
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