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Connecting 30HF84 to PC

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I have the Toshiba 30HF84 purchased in September of 2004. Like a lot of people here, i have the 1-2 pixel offset in the middle of the screen and the bend at the top 1" of the screen.

Anyhoo, I've been trying to hook up my PC to the TV without any luck.

I'm running a ATI 9700 Pro with DVI output. I'm connecting to the TV via a DVI to HDMI cable. The set works fine when I connect my HD-DTV receiver to it with the same cable.

So I unplug the cable from the DTV receiver and connect it to the 9700 Pro DVI connector. I turn the TV and and then fire up the PC and I get no picture what-so-ever. If I connect the TV using the S-video output on the 9700 Pro, I get a picture, although, not that good.

I downloaded Powerstrip, but that didn't seem to help.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Is there a switch or something I need to do to output via the DVI connector?

Is there anyway to test the output to see if it's actually working?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone could offer.

-Jerry's friend.
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I'm sure there's a technical response that I'm lacking but here goes -

The DVI output on a PC video card will only work on an LCD monitor for a computer. You cannot connect a DVI cable to an HDTV and get a picture. You'd need to use the S-Video out, as you've done, to get a picture and you're limited to 800x600 I believe.

The only way, I believe, to get the same resolution on your TV as on your PC is if the TV has a VGA input (and of course your video card has a VGA output). I think the DLP TVs have a VGA input.

Hope that helps.

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DVI output on a PC video card will only work on an LCD monitor

I have the 34hf84 and I hook it up regularly to my PC via DVI->HDMI cable from my ATI 9600. I watch it at 1024*720 and the overscan is there, but tolerable. I only use my PC to watch shows and movies so the overscan is not a big deal. However, if you are plannign on using it as a monitor, you will need to overcome the overscan.

I can't tell you why yours won't run. Your video card should autodetect the display...mine does. It defaults to "widescreen flat monitor" under the ATI software.

Perhaps you should update your drivers. Grab the latest catalyst drivers and try again.
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