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Hi guys. I am very new to this. Just bought an onkyo 626 and noticed it can upscale to 4k and has 2nd hdmi out.

I bought a tv and my day to day setup will connect to a TV but I figured I might use the 2nd hdmi out to run to a 4k projector in future.

ie. watch tv and then when a high quality movie experience wanted on big screen, switch off tv, extend automatic projector screen from celling in front of TV and send video to 4k projector.

Is this possible or am I dreaming?

If possible, since I am renovating the house I figured I will place the cabling in while the walls are down. The 4k projector might be about 10-20m (cable length) away from the receiver. Can I just buy a hdmi cable with plugs (?) for walls to connect receiver and 4k projector? Is there anything special required?
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