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Hey guy,

I have a Theta digital, Dreadnaught II power amp which I want to use with a ONKYO TX NR 809. The ONKYO will only be the processor for this.

I am currently using a ONKYO TX SR 702 as the processor for the amp. As the Theta is balanced and the chassis is grounded I need to run a wire from any of the back screws to the power supply ( the grounding ) thus grounding the chassis of the ONKYO TX SR 702 or I get a hum in my speakers.

Would I need to do the same for the ONKYO TX NR 809? If so I see that there is a Grounding screw at the rear of the ONKYO TX NR 809, which I think is for the phono wire. Can I use this to ground the chassis of the wire by connecting a wire to the grounding screw in the ONKYO TX NR 809 and then connecting it to the grounding in the wall socket?

Will this ground the chassis of the ONKYO?
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