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Ok, so I keep trying to figure out the best setup for me. Here are my components:

- 46" panny plasma that I've had for 6months (LOVE IT).

- HD DVR Cable Box (Verizon Fios)

- Samsung Blue Ray Player

- Sony Receiver for surround sound

Should I connect both the DVR and Blueray to the tv using HDMI cables, then use the digital optical audio out from the TV to the Sony receiver? My receiver doesn't have any HDMI inputs. I typically see people connecting the audio directly to the receiver from the component.

I just worry about audio lag (if thats even possible) since I'm going from the component to the tv then to the receiver. I want to be able to get 5.1 while watching blue-ray and Im not sure if I can get 5.1 from the DVR.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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HDMI to the TV for video

Optical or coax direct from the BDP and DVR to the AVR for audio

Don't route audio through the TV. Most TVs output stereo PCM instead of encoded 5.1. A few TVs will pass DD 5.1, but none do DTS, which would mean no surround sound on about half of all Blu-rays.

If your player has multichannel analog outputs and lossless decoders, you can use analog instead of optical or coax for Blu-ray.

If you have an HD DVR, you should get DD 5.1 from it for some shows.
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