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Connecting computer speakers to a DVD player

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This may not be the correct forum for this question, so if there's another more suited to this, please let me know.

I have an old 19" Zenith tube TV in the bedroom that is finally starting to die. As a temporary solution, I was thinking of using a 20" Dell widescreen LCD monitor that I have, but am no longer using. The problem is, the monitor has no speakers, and I need some way of hearing the DVD player and VCR that I would be hooking up to it. I have an old set of Harmon Kardon HK695 computer speakers that I was hoping I could use.

The DVD player and VCR both have the usual RCA jacks on the back. I can hook RCA video direct to the monitor, but connecting the sound outputs to the Harmon Kardon speakers is where I'm concerned there would be a problem. The speakers are powered via a 120V power cord, and they have a 1/8" mini plug for input. The input impedance of the speakers is supposed to be 5K-10K. Can I simply get a converter cable that converts RCA to mini plug (female), or am I going to need some type of amplifier because the output from the DVD and VCR are not enough to drive the speakers?

I'm trying to do this on the cheap until I can get a REAL solution (like a 50" Pioneer for the living room, so I can move my 42" Sharp to the bedroom), but in the meantime, I need a quick fix. Thanks!
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While you can use an adapter from the miniplug to a pair of RCA's, where is your volume control? Is there one on the speaker set?
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