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Just like many of you about a month ago I took the plunge and got the pdp-5071. Great tv. Thanks to all on this board for posting your reviews and making my ddecision process easier.

My question is ... I am trying to conenct my computer to tv via PC input and i am having hard time understanding what cable I need to use for this.

My computer has 3 plugs on the back of the video card.... DVI, S-Video, VGA/SVGA. The computer is about 3-4yrs old, but the video card is still good. What cable would i need to connect from video card to the pioneer?

I asked several different stores (Best Buy, CompUSA, Radio Shack) for help, but they do not know what I am talking about.

Will the Svga cable work for this? Also does the Pioneer has male or female plug?

How is the resolution on the screen?

Please help me out.
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