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Connecting Eiki LC XB 41 to HD Comcast

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Hi Guys, I just came into a projector through a friend, and am trying to get it hooked up to HDTV through my comcast box. The problem: the box outputs HDMI or Component (YPbPr.) The Projector has inputs for Composite, 2 VGA ports, and an S video. The S video is not ugly, but it is also not the 1080i that the projector can do

I just bought a cord I found online that did "Component to VGA" and has the 3 color plugs (RGB) and a VGA output. However, I am wondering if I misinterpreted its use, as while the picture is crisp, it is also nearly entirely green and cuts out completely if I unplug the top (g) plug.

Specsheet for projector:

It says component in for one of the vga ports. if that matters.

My question is thus, how does one get HD output from comcast box, to projector? HDMI to VGA didn't look very promising...is there a way of doing it inexpensively?
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You can't just use a component to vga adaptor cable unless the vga port specifically says it takes a component signal. What you need is a component to vga transcoder like this


Well I just looked in the manual for your projector and it says you can hook component up to the vga port without a transcoder on page 17. So, I am at a loss to the problem unless the projector is just broken. Did you try using the other VGA port?
Yea, I first had it plugged into VGA 1, but then noticed the same statement, and switched to VGA 2/Component...same picture either way...just a very crisp, very green image...
Just to reitterate, the cord I bought/just used is a Component (male, R G B plugs) to HD15(VGA) plug. Would the problem stem from its being YPbPr output on the back of the comcast box, as it seems like there are two iterations of component (RGB, YPbPr) and I have no clue if they are "compatible" for cords and the like...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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