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Hi -

New to the forums. I have question about connecting my laptop to my tv speakers. My notebook is a macbook pro with bluetooth capability. The two speakers are Sony SAVA-500 Active Speaker System. I do not have a receiver or central speaker - just the two tower speakers plugged into the tv. I'm fairly sure they have no wireless capability. Right now I am just plugging in a Y cable from my laptop to the Aux In on back of speakers which works ok, but I would like to play itunes and Rhapsody music wirelessly through speakers for parties. I do connect to the internet through wireless router in house

I was hoping to do 1 of two things:

1. Buy some sort of wireless transmitter / reciever system that I can plug into the speakers. Then use laptop to send music wirelessly or through bluetooth to this receiver.

2. Buy some sort of wifi capably receiver device to attach to speakers that then connects to my home wifi network. Then send laptop music over the network to the speakers

Will either of these methods work? If so, which one would be cheaper and easier?

Thanks for the help,

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