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I don't know if this is a Mac question or a DLP question. I know there are some Mac users out there. I have a Mits WD-62628 (w/o DVR) and an Intel iMac. I am trying to accomplish two things. 1) See my Mac desktop on Mits thru firewire. 2) Get signal from TV to capture on Mac.

I have connected the firewire between tv and mac, and TV recognized that something was plugged in the firewire port on tv. On the mac, however, it sees "YR2004" connected in the system profiler. But when I run Detect Displays, nothing shows up. I downloaded Apple's Firewire SDK, and got the VirtualDVHS running (but nothing records on Mac and I don't see any playback when I play a video on HD, but that is a different issue). But my Mits does see the DVHS emulator and adds it as a device. There is no picture on the screen, however, the on-screen buttons activate the DVHS emulator buttons (which nothing happens on Mac other than the buttons work), so I know something is flying down the cables.

Can anyone help? I remember seeing some posts on here a while back where people were successful in getting these two devices working.
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