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I have done my research before posting, although i still need some advice on my system. My system is as followed:

Receiver: Yamaha RXV-663

TV: Samsung LED

Speakers: 1-Monitor Audio Silver x5

2-Valodyne 12" sub

3- B&W in ceiling speakers as rear sur.

4- Zone 2 has 3 speakers outside

Other components: New AppleTV, New slingbox, DirecTv HD receiver, Sony PS3, MP HTS5100.

I obviously ran out of HDMI inputs since the Yamaha only has 2. I can either buy a good HDMI switcher or i have been in the market to buy a Marantz NR1601 Slimline receiver. What do you experts suggest?

1- use a switcher to simply give me more inputs?

2- Buy the Marantz and get rid of the Yamaha?

3- Run some HDMI's directly to the HDTV?

4- Buy a Pre-amp.

5- Buy the Marantz and run multiple Receivers?

If the answer is 5, which is what i think would be best, what is the best connection method and is that the right receiver for my setup?

This forum is great:)


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Not sure what option it corresponds to, if any, but I say buy a new receiver with adequate amount of inputs built-in.

The rest of options/ways to go are just a kludge, IMO.
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