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I'm sure this is an easy fix for any audio experts out there and usually I'm pretty okay at figuring this sort of thing out for myself but I cant seem to find the solution that I'm looking for.

I'm expecting to get a ps3 very soon and in preparation I wanted to connect my hd insignia television to my Z623 Logitech speakers. This tv is generally in use as my second monitor for gaming on my pc, but I also sometimes use it for my Xbox360 and older consoles. All consoles possible I want to have connected in hdmi but currently I only am able to get audio from the television speakers when playing console games or watching tv.

Here is a shot of what my tv ports look like.

This is the back of the sub for my speakers. The only option for input seems to be red and white rca. Everything else plugged in is being used by my PC.

And naturally the speakers themselves also have two 3.5mm input jacks. I'm curious if those could be of use in this situation.

If someone could simply explain what I need to know, and perhaps provide an Amazon link to some things I need than that would be much appreciated.
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