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Ok so first this is: I know almost nothing about receivers. What I do know is that I need a receiver by tonight in order to play some music! 


This is what I need from a receiver:


1) Able to play 4 speakers (2 audioengine P4's and 2 Bose 201's)

2) Play by subwoofer (BIC F12)


I only listen to music through my laptop or iPhone (through an AUX cord)



I have a JVC RX-5000V but I think that is old and kind of broken because it does not really let me play all 4 speakers.



Please help me out! Will the RX-V375 be able to satisfy my needs? I really need one by tonight! Thank you so much! I am going to bed now so hopefully some responses will be here when I wake up.


Love and respect,

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