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I have this speaker system:

Creative Inspire P7800

hxxp://tiny url.com/njynoj

(hxxp=http, remove space)

But I no longer use them for my PC, so I was wondering if there was a (cheap) way of using them in a home theater setup?

I have a Sony CRT, possibly with an optical audio out, but most likely a coaxial audio out. I also have a DVD player, and an xbox 360 (optical audio out) that I would also like to use in this setup.

So I'm guessing, if these PC speakers are even compatible (cable-input-wise) with a home theater setup, that I would need a 7.1 AV receiver in order to connect the 7 speakers, and 1 subwoofer via RCA adapters? (since these are auxiliary inputs, and I need instead the Red / White audio inputs)

And from there I could just get optical audio / coaxial audio cables running from the TV, DVD, or xbox 360 to this AV receiver?

What I'd like to know is if this is even viable, and if so what receiver I should look into for such a situation, considering price as a major priority.

This apartment-bound college student thanks you

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First off, you are not the first person who has tried this. Here are some issues you might run into.

* Propritary connectors such as RCA connectors; These could be cut off to make bare wires or if you leave the connectors on, you could jury rig an RCA to bare wire adaptor (this could affect the sound slightly, I don't know)

* Subwoofer does not have a standard RCA line in for use with an AVR; This could be troublesome, and I would have to think about specifics on this

* Speakers lack power handling; If the PC speakers have low power handling you may be limited in how loud you can turn up an AVR before damage occurs
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