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Hi guys,

I will try to make this as concise as possible.

I have a Samsung TV and a desktop computer to which I want to connect a Sony soundbase and wireless headphones (so that both sources can alternate the use of soundbase & headphones). Here are the hardware details:

TV: Samsung UE55H6410
Desktop: AMD CrossfireX setup of Radeon HD6780 (2HDMI ports)
Soundbase: Sony HT-XT1
Headphones: Sony MDR-HW700DS 9.1 Digital Surround

I haven't received my headphones, so my setup currently looks like this:

- Desktop connected to TV via HDMI (DVI) port
- Sony soundbase connected to to the TV via HDMI (ARC) - desktop thus uses the soundbase as the source when connected to TV
- Sony soundbase connected to desktop via HDMI - desktop uses this connection when not connected to TV

This works great. However, I need to be silent sometimes so I want to use headphones, alternatively between TV and desktop (pretty much same setup as with soundbase).

Here I am a bit lost on how to proceed with the wiring, since I cannot connect them to TV or desktop via HDMI (all ports are taken on both). This pretty much leaves me with the optical input, but I have no experience there. Additionally, I have no idea if the optical connection will then allow for 9.1 playback?

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to wire the headphones/rewire the system to enable using the soundbase and headphones on both devices alternatively, without losing the 9.1 capabilities. I would like to keep the soundbase as my primary sound source, however.

I appreciate the help,


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