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Connecting to Live with Laptop WiFI

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Months ago when I first purchased my 360, I searched around on the web and found out how to pass my laptop's wifi on through to the 360. This involved using a crossover cable and setting some addresses. Well, this weekend I moved into a new place and lost all my settings on my laptop for connecting to the xbox (so the cable guy could connect the new modem). I'm also using a D-Link wireless router now instead of a U.S. Robotics, if that matters.

After searching around for a few hours, I still haven't been able to find the setup that allows me to get connected to live - it never finds an ip address. I've tried using the "Bridge" connection - no go - as well as just click the "Share This Connection" in one of the wireless tabs in XP - also no good. Are any of you connected to live through a laptop and if so what particular settings are you using? Thanks.
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Thanks! I used one of their guides and it helped. I ended up having to change the IP of my wireless router so it would work. After that though I couldn't get a valid IP until - wait for it - I restarted Windows. Wow, that took up a solid 4-5 hours of my time today.
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