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Hi I have a dilema, I need to connect my xbox360, or any input for that matter to two or more screens in dfferent rooms with full sound support.

Let me explain, currently I have a single plasma screen and a single amp, the plasma screen recieves the video input as you expect via composite cable from the 360, and the amp recieves the sound via the opitical out from the 360. This is in the living room.

Now the problem I have is this, I want to be able to have the same signal, video and sound output to a totally different room in the house, say my bedroom, leaving in the 360 living room.

What is the best way to do this? I assume I need a special piece of kit that takes the sound and video in and allows this to be sent to other screens amps etc. How do high street stores do it, you know when you see mutliple screens displaying the same DVD etc? Also I guess the cables will need to be long to reach the bedroom, will this be possible, ie will the video and sound signal still be good enough over a long distance?

Also I was hoping that the sound out could be either optical to the amp and stereo for the second plasma, as it has its own stereo speakers attached.

Any info help, pointers etc will be greatly appreciated.
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