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I need some real advice on how to optimize my current equipment:

* 42HDS69 Plasma w/ HDMI inputs

* Cox HD/DVR Cable box w/ HDMI output

* XBOX 360 with component connector & optical connector

* Yamaha Basic RCVR with optical/component inputs and one component output (and no HDMI output)

I have been running everything into the RCVR using the composite output to my CRT HDTV and it seemed to work fine. Does the RCVR allow 1080i which is the max resolution for my Plasma? Do I loose anything running everything through the rcvr?

Or, should I run an HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV & optical aduio from cable box to rcvr (use rcvr for main sound.) Is there any sound/video delay issues I should worry about if I choose this way?

Any other recommendations that I may be missing here? I will test it for myself, but I wanted to get some free advice from you guys.


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