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A couple of weeks ago something happened, and my Denon amp is no longer getting a signal from my Sqzbx Duet receiver. Previously (for the last 6 months), everything was working just fine, and as far as I can figure out I've made no hardware or software changes that are likely to have caused the problem. I've taken various troubleshooting steps -- with both the Denon and the Duet -- but am unable to fix it. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Here are the facts/symptoms:
  • SqueezeCenter is installed on my PC and running fine (I can scan my library, etc. without issue).
  • My Linksys Wireless G router is running fine, and the Sqzbx Receiver and Controller are successfully connected to it.
  • The Sqzbx Receiver is powered. The button on the front happily glowing white. The Sqzbox Controller is running nicely, with all menu items showing, and with all functions operating normally. When I select a track, it shows as playing.
  • The Sqzbox Receiver is connected to one of the 3 coax inputs on my Denon AVR-2809 using a high quality Monster digital coax audio cable.
  • The LCD panel on the Denon amp is designed to display the channels received from the active input. Normally, when I've got the amp set to the appropriate coax input, and a track is playing on the Sqzbx, this part of the LCD panel displays the L and R channels that it receives from the Sqzbox Receiver.
  • Currently, the amp is not displaying the usual L and R channels from the Sqzbx Receiver, even when a track is playing.

(Just to reiterate -- the way I've got it hooked up right now is the way it's been hooked up for about half a year. And it's been working fine until just a couple of weeks ago.)

My troubleshooting efforts have involved the following:
  • Doing a factory reset on the Sqzbx.
  • Cycling the power on the Sqzbx.
  • Connecting the Sqzbx to a different coax input (using the same Monster cable) and making the necessary input reassignments on the amp. No signal is received.
  • Connecting the Sqzbx to the amp using the analog outputs and a set of RCA cables and making the necessary input reassignments on the amp. No signal is received.
  • Connecting the Sqzbx to the aux input on my Panasonic plasma. No signal is received.

I've consulted the Logitech support site, and cannot locate anything of assistance. I've also submitted a written request for assistance, but all I've received (about 48 hours ago) is notification that I'll receive a response within 24 hours (!).

I hope this is enough information that someone out there can suggest something else I need to try. I just hope it's not something too obvious, otherwise I'll be quite embarrassed.

I appreciate it!


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Did you do a reset on the handheld or the controller? I had this problem once and was able to fix it after a lot of head scratching by pushing the button on the front of the controller for about 30 seconds and then setting it back up.
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