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Hi Guys, a little advice would be great. I've been trying to put together an affordable surround sound system and today purchased the Samsung HT-AS720 for $399.99 Canadian at Best Buy on a slight impulse after seeing it handled HDMI 1.3. I've since read most every single post of the 48 page thread,lol and I'm at a loss on if I should bother opening this thing or if the handshake problem with HDMI and PS3 is a problem for everyone. I just want a simple setup with for the following, so would be open to any suggestions in a similar ( up to $600) price point.

Set up

42LG55 1080p set

PS3 want a simple HDMI setup

Shaw HD PVR currently connected to TV with component ( would only be running optical for sound to receiver)

Thanks in advance
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