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I am considering moving from a Boston Acoustics TVee 30 to a 5.1 system. My room is 15 x 19' with arched ceiling @13'. We currently have a 60" Sharp hanging on the wall with the sound bar hanging below it. I have thought about the Definitive Technology Pro cinema 800 or a book shelf set up. There is a good deal going on with Polk and the RTi 1 or 3. Those speakers really look nice! I thought about matching them up with some OWM3's as I would be looking at a high ceiling/corner mount that would face down and in to the listening area. For a Sub I am not sure. I looked at the Polk Pro 440 or Definitive ProSub800. Other thoughts on a sub? As for a receiver I am torn between getting a simple 5.1 such as a Marantz, Yamaha, or Denon. I only have a Satellite receiver and Blueray to hook up. I would like to be able to use my IPhone to steam Pandora. I also may just piece the system together as I find deals. Simplicity and child safe is a need. We have a child on the way and it needs to be wife approved. We may move to a new home in a year or so. I have thought about going 3.1 for not and adding a set of in wall / ceiling like the Polk 80FX/RT in the new house.

It has been about 4 years since I had a good 5.1 system. Back then it was a Yamaha RXV671 (?) with a set of Polk RM 5.1 speaker set up.

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