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Before I start rambling, I should mention that this is my first projector setup. So although I've been doing some research, I'm a little clueless about the details of the setup.

Im in the process of building a home theater in my basement. This is the setup
http://pics.bbzzdd.com/users/aharami/basement_HT.jpg (if clicking the link doesn't work, you might have to copy and paste it in the address bar).

The room is about 15x26 with 7' ceilings. I know a dark ceiling is necessary with such a low ceiling, but my wife doesn't like the idea of a dark ceiling. So it looks like the ceiling will remain white. I plan on doing acoustical treatments around the room and I was wondering if throwing up a few such treatments with light colored fabric on the ceiling will minimize any reflection or not.

I have a Epson 8700UB on the way and it will be ceiling mounted 11-12' away from the screen wall. Since I have low ceiling, I got the lowest profile mount I could find (Chief RPA-U). The biggest screen I can possibly fit in the wall is about 104" and that is what I plan on doing. With the 1/3 rule, looks like the top of the screen will about around 10" from the ceiling and the bottom will be about 22" from the floor. The proj should have enough vertical shift to move the image down to the screen, but I'll have to see once I actually get the projector.

In anticipation of a DIY painted on screen, I skim coated the screen wall and applied primer using a foam roller. So the wall is ultra smooth. Now this is where I need help. I am just not sure what type of DIY screen to go with. I've read thru some of the sticky threads in this forum, but there seems to be so many options. My room will be completely light controlled.

Should I go with a laminate screen like the Wilsonart DW? Or how about some sort of stretched fabric like BoC? Or since I already took the proper steps to make sure the wall is smooth and flat, is a painted on screen the best option? If so, should I go white, or grey? So many options out there and I want to make sure I make the right decision the first time. Hence I would appreciate any information about the screen types.


-15x26 room

-7' ceiling (white. acoustical treatments on ceiling to minimize reflection?)

-Epson 8700 proj ceiling mounted (near flush mount)

-11-12' throw

-104" 16:9 screen

-screen wall skim coated and primed with foam roller so wall is texture free and flat

-what screen to go with? Laminate? BoC? rolled on painted? sprayed? what color?

Thank you

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Link isn't working for me.....

Also a newbie but, I'm guessing the experts will say stick with the Sheetrock wall and go with Maxxmudd spray painted... Or the SILVER 3.0.

You're actually a few steps ahead of me with your wall set to go.

I'm going with the Maxmudd but, I'm painting my ceiling dark and flat and keeping my wife upstairs for now

Good Luck!
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