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Considering an Infocus X3. What others should I be looking at?

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I need to replace a 4x3 projector, and I am looking at the Infocus X3.

Can anyone help me out and let me know what other pj's I should be looking at in this class/price range?

Thanks for the help!

-Paul & Paula
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Does it have to be a native 4:3 projector? If so, why? What do you watch with it? You mean less than $1,000?
sharp XR-10X is a great 4:3 1024x720 projector like the X3.

I don't know how it performs as a business projector, but I've found it great as a home theater projector.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses.

I need it to be 4x3 because we do a LOT of computer work on it - surfing the Internet, etc. We also will be watching a lot of 4x3 material on it - DirecTV, etc.

And I don't have the screen masked off for another aspect ratio.

And yes, I'd prefer to have it be under $1,000 or there about...

I will take a look at the Sharp XR-10X - thanks for that.

Any other comments/suggestions?

Much appreciated!
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The big problem with most of these 4:3 projectors is: No HDMI or HDCP.
Originally Posted by TheLidlessEye
The big problem with most of these 4:3 projectors is: No HDMI or HDCP.
Okay... please take me to school here - sorry.

What is HDMI or HDCP?

I've been off of this forum for a few years...

This will be replacing an old NEC LCD pj that is going bad. Almost all of what we watch is VGA from our HTPC. Some s-video for direcTV.

Will I want this HDMI or HDCP?

Please take us to school!

-Paul & Paula
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HDMI is the digital video connection. HDCP is a copy protection scheme that can run over HDMI or DVI (the other digital video connector). Some HD sources may require this connection in the future. Some HD sources require it now (for example, upscaled DVD from most legit players). It's fairly important future-proofing at this point.
You might consider some of the new WXGA projectors. These have 768 rows so they do XGA (768X1024) very well but also have 16X9 aspect ratio for hidef. They do computer data well (in a 4X3 frame) as well as video.

See http://www.projectorcentral.com for a list of projectors with this format. Some are very inexpensive.

The Infocus X3 is a fine machine esp. for the price but I think the lack of HDMI/HDCP (as pointed out) would rule it out for me.

At another price point, there are some 4X3 machines that have HDMI but they are expensive. Again, see projectorcentral.com
Doesn't the X3 come with a M1 plug, of which you could purchase a M1 to HDMI or M1 to DVI and connect to your digital component of choice. I know the Sharp or the Infocus X3 replacement does not have this capability.

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