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Considering upgrade, what would I be looking at?

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I have a set of Yamaha NS-7390s that I purchased quite a few years ago. I believe these retailed at about 300 for the pair but I was able to pick them up at less than half that so I jumped on the deal.

The primary reason I'm upgrading is because I'm using some very sub-par speakers for my surrounds and center channel. These were pulled from an old phillips "surround sound" boom box setup as a temporary college solution.

I'm thinking of going to some different surrounds like the AR's, Insignia's, etc. in the 50-100/pr range since I've been told timbre matching the rear stage to the L/C/R isn't 100% necessary if there are budget restrictions.

I may be able to secure a discount on the new Sony 910 HDMI receiver through a family friend, so my ultimate goal is a budget 7.1 system to enjoy blu-rays and ps3 games with. I should add i'm currently happy with the sub I have but may upgrade that in the future.

so, my options are to either:

a) ditch the bad center and purchase a yamaha center so the L/C/R stage is timbre matched

b) look into new front stage speakers all together

I've been told yamaha doesn't make the best speakers so my question, then, is what price bracket would I need to look around in to make an upgrade over 7390s "worth while?" Would something like the Athena's or AR's sound better than these or would they be comparable/worse?

Thanks in advance, just looking for a little direction so I have a pricerange in mind
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Here are the specs on my current front speakers, I wasn't able to post a link yet in the OP

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i would go listen and try to pick something in your budget and buy all 5 speakers matched

there are some good deals out there look at the for sale on this forum.
Based on the specs of those speakers, what price bracket would I have to step up to in order for the upgrade to be worthwhile? The problem is, I don't know what to set my budget at yet because no matter what if i'm upgrading it'll be a "save until x money" kinda deal.
i cain't and no one else in all honesty tell you what your ears will like such as ilike

paradigm the next person b&w the next m&k and so on because these and other

brands sound different to me as it does to others that is why it is important to go

listen to as many brands as you can once you find the ones that sound great to you

it will be way more enjoyable and no buyers remorse. i live by try to alot the majority

of the budget on the speakers .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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