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Constantine in DLP at cinemas

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Well, I was surprised when I saw the DLP logo before the start of the movie "Constantine". I don't believe I saw this logo when Star Wars EP2 came out in digital.

Don't know if I've been reading these forums a little too much, but I've noticed a lot of pixelation on bright edges, especially white text. With white text, I could clearly make out the pixels. It was distracting. Is this the future of a commercial cinema? If I wanted to see pixelation I could see it at my home theatre. Perhaps if I sat at the back this wouldn't be so distracting. But that sort of defeats the purpose of watching a large screen at the movie complex. Maybe my expectation is too high for a $30,000+ commercial projector? Do you think they didn't encode it at the highest resolution possible for this format? I didn't see any pixelation in large areas. Just edges.
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You are almost certainly seeing an older DLP cinema projcector of the 1280x1024 ilk. I see pixelization on those as well.

Very few theaters that I am aware of have a 2K machine. It is an order of magnitude improvement.


The number of 2K cinemas is very low.

Also, TI gives specific instructions to defocus the image for D-cinema. With proper defocusing, only viewers with the best eye sight and/or sitting up close should be able to see pixels.

-Mr. Wigggles
About vision measures.

In Sweden we look at a white background having black letters in row after row. 1.0 is normal vision and some young people can see perhaps 1.4.

In a swedish contest the winner had a vision of 2.45. By comparison a falcon has a vision that corresponds to 2.5-3.0.

I do not know how these values corresponds with your measures. If someone sees pixels it does not mean that everyone will see them.
Has some company swooped down and patented the portion of his DNA which codes fo eye physiology? Geez, hope he's not into FP home theater. He'd NEVER be happy.

Her eyes will be used to learn what a perfect eye looks like in form and function. Most educated people are only seein "bad" eyes in their daily practise.
I guess optometrists only really see 'bad' eyes, and no one with really good vision ever shows up at the office. So there may not be any real record of statistics on how good a persons vision can be.

Back to the topic, I suppose when I watched SW:EP2 a few years ago, it may be shown with a 2k DLP display or the theatre might have defocused it to "THX" specs. From this experience, I'm definitely looking forwards to full HD panels to be released.
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