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Construction Started

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Started work on my home theater this weekend. This is a loft area, about 22'X21' with a peaked ceiling about 12' high. Have posted pictures in my gallery, trying to keep a set of pictures as I go through the construction process. Had to build a half wall to enclose one side of the room, then a couple of smaller walls to complete the enclosure and add a door.

Will be putting on a second coat of plaster today and installing the door hardware. Screen will be hung on the new wall (actually only had to build the top half :) ). Color scheme is still in work, ceilings will be a dark gray and probably going to go with a charcoal covering on the screen wall, with some dark grays on the side walls. Planning on 7 Coaster type seats, a row of 3 in front about 11' from the screen and a second row of 4 about 15' back. Will be building shelves in the back of the room for equipment and storage. Heavy drapes next to the screen and to cover the two windows.

Purchased the equipment from a local installer here in Leesburg, VA., and they'll do the installation in early March. I'll be using:

Sim2 Domino 30H Projector

Draper Clarion Screen (106" diag)

Integra DTR 6.5 Receiver

Integra DVD Player

KEF Speakers (Q7 front/Q10C center/Q5 Rear/Q1 Rear S./PSW 4000 Sub

Assorted other equipment like racks, power conditioners/etc.

Will also have HD Satellite as well-- would love to watch a hockey game here if they ever play again!

Will try to keep the images in the gallery up to date, have learned a lot from reading these forums. Thanks to all who post for the experiences.

Dave Martin

Leesburg, VA
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Looks like a great start Dave! It's a shame you have to lose a skylight though - it looks like your wall now splits it in half. What will cover the remainder?

Also, are you doing a riser for your 2nd row?

Looking forward to more progress reports...

The skylights are still open to the family room below, the wall actually comes up just to the side of the light, hard to tell from the picture but they're completely isolated from the theater room but still useful for the room below. Thanks for the comments. More plastering today and have the room emptied out except for a work table. I do plan to go with a short (about 6-8") riser for the second row.

Decided on black for the screen wall, dark gray for the ceiling, then a lighter gray for the walls. Going to build cabinets for the equipment and will do them in black as well.

Will post more pictures when there's something to show, thanks again.
Added a couple of pictures to the gallery, one shows the drywall I removed at the base of my existing walls in order to leave a channel to install speaker wires. Channel is about 2" tall and should be able to get the 4 wires to the front of the room (left/right/center/sub). Will start painting the ceiling tomorrow night, dark gray. (Behr Autumn Hush)
Added a couple of shots to the gallery- Ready for Equipment 1-3. Sound and projector equipment installation starts Monday (3/7). Still have shelving to build in the back of the room and have an area where I'm going to have a small bar/snack area but that will be added later. Also need to clean the lens on my camera, this is what happens when you leave it in the room during construction!

Walls are gray, ceiling dark gray and trim is a semi gloss black, also looking for curtains for for the two windows and around the screen-- probably will go with a burgundy?

Have ordered 7 "Movie Goer" seats, first four due this week.

Will add more pictures once the equipment is installed.

Added a couple more shots to the gallery-- screen and projector are up, I've roughed in a cover made from 1/2" MDF for the cables leading to the projector. This will be painted the same color as the wall/ceiling and will run down the wall behind shelving which will be added once the rest of the install is completed. Guys are due back this morning to complete the work so should be able to see a movie today! Chairs are also due to be delivered early this afternoon.

Noticed a lot of "views" on the pictures in the gallery so figure this is worthwhile to show what's going on. Haven't figured out how to post a picture within the thread so that might make it easier for people to see?

Will try to post later today when a few seats arrive, only the first 4 of a total of 7 will arrive today.

You are putting a second row riser in, aren't you? -j

I also live in Leesburg, and was wondering where you got your equipment locally?

Originally posted by skyman00

You are putting a second row riser in, aren't you? -j
Still a bit undecided on seating but if I go with 2 rows, will add a riser if I can work it out with the sloped ceilings. The 4 chairs arrived as planned and we watched a movie in the room last night-- wow!

We could actually do a row of 5 seats across and then have two others to the side that would be usable, not perfect and eliminate the need for the riser. They would work very well for just listening to music or for those who really aren't that interested in what's on the screen when watching football or something else.
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