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HI!,i just want to know the overall score of theses tv's if by any chance someone have register to cr or others
x80-a450-pg20.I know the cnet review:7.0-8.0(for the 50 inch)-and no review for the pg20 and no ``take the panny'' because it's the more reliable of the three.I want the raw score with some quote if you will and i know the biggest problem of the a450(sammy) is posterization,the other two i don't know so if you want to post about that too it will be ok too. thanks

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posterization isn't any worse on the A450 than other sets. It just manifests itself in a different area that seems more visible. I personally have gotten rid of almost all of mine. (it only manifests itself in the darkest grey shades of a very dark scene and only if I have all the lights completely off and even then it only happens quickly and usually doesn't affect my viewing).

and I don't know that posting review scores from a pay site is appropriate. I will give you the rank but don't feel comfortable giving more.


px80 (very close behind)

pg20 (way behind the px80)

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This is what I am currently using.

Mode Movie

cell light - 5 (I have heard set this to 10, but honestly not sure it makes a huge diff. So I am trying 5 since this is what samsung sets movie mode at to see if it does anything)

Contrast - 90 (trust me here)

Brightness - 50 (I have found setting and leaving it at 50 solves a lot of issues.

Sharpness - 20 (Totally preference I use 20 some use 0. 0 is technically accurate)

Color - 50 (again preference here)

Tint - 51g/49r takes a bit of the red out

Detail settings

Black adjust - off

Dyn Contract - low (I recommend off, but I have a lot of light in my room and this gives the picture a little extra POP)

Gamma -2

color space : auto

White balance :

25/25/25 28/25/23 (cnets 550 settings)

Flesh tones - 0

Edge enhance off

Picture settings

color - warm1 (or warm2 I prefer the slightly bluer warm1)

size 16:9 - use this during the first 200 hours at least. First off it gives you slight overscan so you don't get the goop on some channels and finally having just scan on disables pixel shift and increases the likelyhood of burn in.

Digital NR - Auto

DNIe - Greyed for me

HDMI - Greyed for me

Film Mode - auto

Blue only mode - off

final under burn in protection pixel shift I set mine to 3-3-1

I have not had my set professionally calibrated.

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16:9? I use it for everything. Seems to do a good job of stretchy without making it look too stretched. Also it avoids the wierdness that comes on top of some digital stations (like the closed caption garbage and stuff). Other people prefer just scan and then to simple move the image to get those things off screen. This is something this set allows.
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