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Continuing to enjoy my CS2!

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I'm really finding the CS-2 to be an excellent product. I've had mine for several months now, perhaps because waiting around for something coming down the pike is never my forte. Focus Enhancements has been great about working out a couple of initial bugs and helping me to figure out how to get mine to work perfectly with my Sony HD200 and GWII. I'm particularly impressed with what it can do to standard def. in terms of color, picture quality, removing motion artifact, and scaling 4:3 to 16:9 without distortion. And believe it or not, TIVO is actually amazingly clear and watchable. If and when the other scalers finally show up, i'll be interested to hear how they compare.
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Just received my CS-2 two days ago. At first I thought the iScan Pro doubler I replaced had it beat for standard TV feed. They were equal for DVD. After adjusting the plasma and the CS-2 I am beginning to appreciate the additional flexibility I have with the CS-2. The tech support via e-mail has been GREAT. I plan to continue to explore the features and flexibility of the CS-2.

This is not a knock to the iScan Pro which I found to be an excellent product.

Thanks for the info. What plasma are you using with the CS-2?
Originally posted by Jim Boden

Thanks for the info. What plasma are you using with the CS-2? [/b]

NEC MP1 61 inch plasma

Other things I have discovered about CS-2:

480i input to interlaced CS-2 inputs

480p input to progressive CS-2 input i loose a lot of flexibility on the plasma when I input 480p from the cable STB. picture is shifted to the left and less control over aspect ratio. maybe plasma and not CS-2 ?

based upon info from NEC the plasma thinks it is receiving 1024x768 resolution but CS-2 output via VGA is set to 1366x768. Tech support tells me I probably need to go to DVI to achieve native resolution of NEC. This has caught me by surprise but PQ is still excellent.

the 16:9, 4:3, 16:9LB, and 4:3LB is a nice feature with HDTV input from cable STB.

again both the CS-2 and iScan Pro have performed well for me. needed more inputs and more resolution outputs so i went to the CS-2. CS-1 probably would have done the job but thought HDCP and TBC would come in handy in the future. althought the NEC DVI is not HDCP ready if that is the right term.
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I believe the NEC native rate is actually 1365 x 768. Most plasmas are having trouble being driven at native rate. AFAIK, only Pioneers are doing it successfully at the moment.
You are correct the native rate of the NEC 61 is 1365x768. The CS-2 shows 1366x768. I am just trying to determine if it is a CS-2, cable, or plasma "problem" or no problem at all. i wanted to do all the scaling in the CS-2 and not have the plasma rescale the input.

tell me more about the plasma native resolution problem....

There are many threads, probably in the Plasma Forum, with frustrated people trying to drive their panels at native rate with scalers or HTPC's. From everything I've read, Pioneers are still the only ones which really work. I'm not sure about the new Fujitsu P50, though. There's some conflicting info about it.
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