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Contractors arriving in 3 days! Need Wiring, Flooring, Acoustical Building Advice

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Hey Fellow Audiophiles,

Thank you for reading my post.

I'm having contractors coming in on Wednesday of this week, so I would like to tell them if, I want the left/right walls moved outward, and a swinging wall to cover the short hallway to the window and make a seamless back wall, so that I can now put my TV on the new swinging wall, what type of flooring, etc.
1) Ceiling in this room is the underneath of the outdoor roof, so wiring would be exposed along the ceiling.
2) Walls on the left and right are being moved outward, so I can actually build the speakers into the walls, if I wanted the speakers flush with the walls.
3) Flooring: I don't like carpeting, because of stains and wear. Do you have suggestions on what is best to absorb sounds besides rugs over wood flooring? I do like wood flooring, but it'd awful for sound control.
4) TV Placement/Projector: Should I have built, a wall on hinges to cover the window at the end of the room? I was thinking of placing my LG OLED TV at the end of the room where the window is. Should I get a screen and projector (screen can not go into ceiling, since there is no attic space). If you recommend a projector are they as good looking as an LG OLED TV?
5) Wireless Speakers sound just as good as wired speakers? How does the power get to wireless speakers?
6) Upgrading above Dolby Atmos; I have Klipsch, Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 sound. My Pioneer Elite VSX-LX302 receiver, and I can only have Atmos or 7.1. Will upgrading my receiver to add more speakers be worth the better sound?
7) Ideal acoustical elements while remodeling. What can be built into the walls, added to the ceiling, flooring that isn't obvious?

Room is 8' high, 22' long x 14' wide.


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5) you plug your wireless speakers into an outlet, it has an internal receiver and amp. I don't understand why you would take that shortcut if you are doing construction, just put speaker wire in the walls.

7) a acoustical treatments to make your audio sound better does not go in the walls, they go on the walls. Sound containment goes in the wall but we are not talking about just insulation. Mass, Isolation, Dampening and Absorption are the ingredients that need to go into your rooms construction. If your contractor tells you they can use some special insulation, they are selling snake oil.
1) if you are having contractors come then I don't see why they can't fish wiring through the ceiling. There still should be a cavity in the wall where wiring can be run.

3) Hardwood will be bad, don't do it. Get a giant rug that can be replaced easily (dark preferably) or get one from a place like Ruggable that is machine washable.

4) Essentially no projector is as good as an OLED for black levels but for a lot of people the level of immersion for a giant screen is well worth giving up on black levels. You can install an electric drop-down screen mounted to the ceiling if needed. You put this in the dedicated theater forum though, so.... why not just build a false wall in front of the window after those walls get moved and then build a giant acoustically transparent screen with the speakers behind it (another advantage to projectors).
5) Wireless speakers are very limited in options. Like Jeff said if you have people doing the stuff, why take the shortcut?
6) I'm pretty sure most say 5.1.2 is better than 7.1. I've seen some say going beyond that is well worth it and others say it isn't worth it at all. What it is for sure is more money. Money that is probably better spent on subs and room treatments IMO.
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Andy and Jeff tank you for your advice.
1) I will have the wires run in the ceiling and walls, once the walls are moved.
2) What is your opinion about having the surround, and Atmos built into the walls in order to have a more appealing look?
3) I also read here that some people have absorption panels overlaid with sound absorbing material with a photo printed on it, then framed. The final framed panel then looks like a large framed poster. Thoughts on this?
4) I already owned a 3000 gram Flokati wool rug. I will need more of these rugs. So if no hardwood, then what sits under the rugs?
2) inwall and ceiling speakers is an excellent choice in small to medium spaces. If you need aggressive sound isolation you can do backer boxes.
3) there is more to acoustical treatment than absorption panels, the photo versions are fine but if your turn your theater into an art gallery you will probably have too much absorption.
4) if you have enough area rugs hardwood can be OK. The common choice for home theaters is wall to wall carpet that goes over pad and sub-floor. If you do hardwood than you may need more acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling.
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