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Here are my needs. I am designing a whole house AV system. A new hobby for me. My design challenge is how to design the system so I can have *multiple surround sound distribution*!!

Video distribution: I plan to use a 16x16 component video matrix switch. Must be rs232 controllable. I have 5 rooms with Plasma TVs in them. This part is very simple, I do not need help with this.

Audio distribution: I have 5 rooms with 7.1 surround sound. (this accounts for 40 speakers) I have speakers liberally sprinkled in all other parts of my home such as hallways, kitchen, offices, outdoors, etc. This accounts for the other 50 speakers. A total of 12 zones.

I need help with designing the audio portion. I am inclined to get equipment such as Denon or Onkyo for the surround sound processors because I like the Audyssey audio calibration system that is included with them.

So, I think I will need a massive 96x96 audio matrix switch to control the audio. The 5 surround sound processors will feed audio into the 96x96 audio matrix switch. I have searched the threads and not found anybody trying to do multiple surround sound zones!

If I want to listen to a SACD in surround sound mode in 5 separate listening areas and it should downmix to mono in all the non-surround zones. Alternatively, I could listen to SACD in 4 surround zones, listen to a separate SACD in the remaining zone. The design must be very flexible.

Any recommendations on how to do the Audio distribution? I will likely be controlling the entire system with a Crestron processor. I am trying to not do an ALL Crestron solution. Do some audio matrix switches have amps built in?
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