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Ok, I’m in a bit of a jamb in trying to understand if C4 is right for my situation. Here is a bit of background. Finally, I got a C4 dealer in my area (Crown Point, IN) and setup a meeting with them to see if they could help me with some recommendations. I got all prepared for the meeting, description of what was currently in every room, consolidated equipment make/model list by room, and a line drawing of my current home theater and wholehouse audio configuration. Unfortunately, even though one of them attended the C4 dealer training they did not really offer suggestions on moving my system forward. Basically, the background of where I’m at:

1) I have a typical 5.1 Home theater room (Widescreen rear projection, 5.1 Receiver, DVD Player, DirectTivo).

- In general, I understand how C4 can really “enahance†my control of my home theater room. No major questions here (I think).
2) When building my home 5 years ago I pre-wired rooms for “whole house audioâ€. Home run volume control and IR runs. Basically the concept was a simple single zone outputting to 7 rooms with integrated impedance matching IR Volume controls in each room. Note: To date I’ve only implemented this in one room. I also modulate a “Whole House DirectTivo†and it is also controllable via the IR from the room(s).

- Again, in general I understand how C4 can really change the way to handle the control of the Audio system. Of course, I’m interested in the mini touch panels, LCD Keypad, and the remote control to really simplify the end user interface to the audio system as well as add mp3/streaming capability

3) Then there is X10. I’ve been using it for years and have the usual reliability concerns. But I do enjoy tinker with the automation programming, mostly lighting control.

4) I installed an Ademco security system and would like to interface to control and extend automation capabilities based on zone events etc.

So finally my issues/concerns:

A). In some remote room(s), besides a wall mount LCD TV the plan was just the integrated Volume/IR control as I don’t want to put any a/v gear in the room. So, from what I understand the existing C4 remote does not yet emit IR. This is causing a situation where I would need two remotes, one to turn the TV on and the C4 to then control centralized equipment (i.e Tivo). Installing distributed IR emitters in these rooms would be a challenge given the wall mount LCD TV approach I have taken for some of the rooms. In remote rooms with TV, a remote would need to supplement any in wall controller as it would not be practical to channel surf using keypad/touch panel.

B). I have read comments in the main C4 thread regarding slight delay in control of the equipment. For example, in one of the remote rooms a lot of Tivo watching/control goes on via the existing IR repeating method. If there is delay in C4 flipping of channels or the use of the Tivo Fast Fowrad capabilities, I could see this being a very frustrating experience.

C). Even though I believe I’m fully capable of installing (don’t we all), I have no issue with paying a C4 dealer for the initial installation and configuration and major systems changes. However, given that typically some of the lighting automation and hopefully security integration would “grow†over time this model seems to be a challenge for me. Especially, given the fact that my experience with my local dealer shows that they are obviously early in their learning curve. I’m curious as to how some of the other C4 dealers are handling this.

Sorry for the very long post, but I would greatly appreciate your comments/suggestions regarding my issues/concerns and other recommendations that you may have after reading the background provided approve.


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