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control 4 old vs new versions are they compatible?

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I'm looking to purchase some of the older C4 Dimmers for my project to bring my cost down a bit.

I'd however wanna set everything up with HC-250 and latest remote and iPad App. What sort of compatibility issues I need to watch out for?

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None really..

All the older switches and dimmers are fully supported and upgradable to zigbee pro.

If they were on 1.74 or older they will not be running pro and will have to be upgraded.. its a software upgrade so shouldn't be an issue for your dealer it can be done while he is installing your project.

Only possible issue is if you are doing DIY and having a dealer ID them remotely and you only have a HC-250 or 800 you can't do the upgrade on those.. need an older controller.
Thanks. So basically a dealer needs the older controller to first upgrade the Dimmers and then use it with hc-250 or 800, correct?

How do I check which software is on the Dimmers? Is there a specific model or number and older to avoid?
No real way to check as all could have been upgraded..

If you are getting them on ebay some people will know what firmware they were on..

1.8 or higher is zigbee pro.. so that would be directly compatible with your system.. lower would need the upgrade.

Is this a new project or you adding on the existing system?

Just curious

I got pretty much my whole house done.. a few more to put in though..the changes never really stop
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If they are Zigbee pro (1.74 or older) you will not be able to update them with the HC250. You will need an HC 300, HC500, HC1000, to be able to update the lights. basically the older controllers are able to revert back to zigbee pro to put the lights into miniapp mode so that they can be updated. The newer controllers will not do that. you must be able to connect to the lights in order to update them. if your doing this yourself the savings may be negated by the need for another controller, and if you hire a pro, the cost will be more for the extra time to update. Also, it is known that during an upgrade some lights will fail and not update. its a small chance but it does happen.
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