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Ok. I have to versions of windows, so either Vista (preferably) or XP Pro will do. I have an MCE remote and receiver, received with a Dell machine. It was XP MCE. I am using a crappy Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP RM capture card, which works fine, I feed my DirecTivo into it by S-Video. However, the card doesn't have an audio input, so that is fed into my sound card, an Auzentech X-Mystique.

The capture card comes with a remote, however since the audio is fed into the aux of my sound card, it is always on and I cannot control it by the MCE remote nor the capture card remote. It is controlled by the master volume or my speaker's volume control (no wireless remote).

So my question is, short of having to buy another card with an audio input and remote control, is there a way to program or tie the MCE remote to the master volume? I did a search and found that in vista, in full-screen mode, I could control it, but I have Vista Business so no Media Center.
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