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I'm looking to set up speakers in 4 sections outside of my house....front porch, back screen room, garage, and pool area. What's the best way to hook all this up so that I can control the music played (from internet or iphone)

1. I'm assuming all the speakers need to be hooked up to one receiver. Is that right?

2. How many speakers can I hook up to one receiver?

3. Is it possible to have the music play in, say, 1 area (front porch) and not the other 3? If so, is this controlled from the receiver? Can it also be controlled from an iphone or ipad with an app?

4. What's the Apple Airport Express? A friend told me to get a receiver, hook up the speakers to it with speaker wire, and then get the Apple Airport Express to be able to use an iphone to send music wirelessly to the speakers.

I'm clueless on how to make this happen! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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