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I made this post here in the official Onkyo TX-NR807 thread. But I thought it might warrant its own.

Originally Posted by niggenz /forum/post/18127360

There is zero mention on any official Onkyo receiver thread that anyone has successfully used their Onkyo remote to control their PS3. So I have decided to post my findings here for all fellow owners. I have the Onkyo TX-NR807. This same thing might work for other Onkyo recievers provided the OS's between the receivers are the same. My buddy got one of the Onkyo HTIAB's for Xmas and when helping him with his set up, they appeared to be the same. So give it a shot. Ok, all of this is going to cost you another $48.27. Well, that is what i cost me so of course, YMMV.

Firstly, save your money and don't buy that silly official PS3 remote. Nor should you buy any third part IR remote for the PS3 either. This includes Pronto's, Harmony's, etc.

Secondly, pick this little gadget up: http://www.schmartstuff.com/ps3ir500.html . It is about $45 shipped from Amazon. That is where I picked mine up.

Lastly, if there is a Gamestop in your area, pick up a used 1st party Playstation 2 DVD remote. You might be able to get away with not getting this if you can't find it. But I recommend it, especially if you're nitpicky. Which of course you are, you're an AVS board member after all! It will set you back another $2.99+tax. If you have one, or if you have a buddy that has one, even better (it would have saved me some a trip to Gamestop and $3.27). You'll only need it to program in a few codes which will make life easier when navigating through the PS3's crossbar and menus for Blu-ray movies. If you can't find it used, pick it up from Amazon while you are getting the PS3IR-500. It is the cheapest place to get it.

Once you get the PS3IR-500, follow the instructions to pair it up to your PS3. It is pretty straight foward. I have my PS3 connected via HDMI input 1 which is by default mapped to the DVD/BD button. You might have yours hooked up to Game. So when programming your remote, select your programming mode/input accordingly. No need for me to list the steps to program the remote here. The manual is pretty clear on how this is done. The tricky part is programming the TX-NR807's remote to use the preprogrammed commands for the PS2 DVD remote. Because the PS3IR-500's instructions simply state to program the TX-NR807 remote to use the Playstation 2's commands. But as fate would have it, the Playstation 2 is not listed as a device in the Onkyo's menus
. So here is the trick.
  • One you get the section where you are selecting a subcategory of devices to control, select 'Blu-Ray'.

    Then enter 'SON' in the search screen and select 'Sony' from the resulting list.

    The onscreen instructions will tell you to point the remote to the receiver to learn the commands.

    The 1st time this is done, select 'Doesn't Work - try next code'.

    The 2nd time this is done, simply select 'Works'

You should now be able to use the TX-NR807's remote to control your PS3! If so, you're gonna be giddy like a schoolgirl
. I found that after programming the universal commands in, some critical functions for navigating menus in the PS3 were missing. So I went out and bought a used Playstation 2 DVD remote. I mapped the following:
  1. Circle button to the RETURN button.

    Subtitle button to the SETUP button.

    Slow Mo buttons to the RWD/FWD buttons.

I found that the RWD/FWD buttons on the TX-807 remote were empty after programming. Executing the RWD/FWD commands is done by selecting LEFT and RIGHT on the TX-NR807 remote. I am ok with that. So I mapped the empty RWD/FWD buttons on the remote to the Slow Mo functions and am a happy man. Having the Circle button's functionality is pretty critical. If you are in the PS3 crossbar and select into a sub-menu and need to get out, you can't do it without the Circle button so you really do need to program this button in. Here, it is preference how you want your commands to be set up. But this is how I did mine.

Now I had to do all this the kind of the "hard way". Programming in the remote code for Sony Blu-ray players didn't work. You might be able to do this by programming Sony DVD remote codes, but there is a long list of those for Sony DVD players. Yuck. And of course, learning each command from the PS2 DVD remote would be a PIA. I hooked up my PS3 to another TV in an adjacent room, turned up the volume up on the TV so that I could hear the signature ticks from the PS3's crossbar when pusing up/down/left/right if programming went well. It wasn't too much effort and was definitely worth it to be met with success. Trying to do it while the PS3 was connected to the receiver and to the same TV proved to be logistical guesswork and might be damn near impossible. Probably why there is no other post on this. Don't believe me, try it yourself.

I can now eBay-off the PS3 remote. I'll be happy to get ten bucks back for it. I'll keep the PS2 remote just in case I have to do this again when I upgrade receivers or the event of some other catastrophe. All this set me back another $48.27 and a trip to Gamestop. The PS3IR-500 is nested between my components and isn't noticable. What I have is an elegant solution for controlling the PS3 in my HT. Or rather, "one" elegant solution in reference to my one remote. Here is look at the alternatives.
  1. 1. Getting the official PS3 remote. Which means, yet another remote on the coffee table. Love how you don't have to point this thing but yuck and damn you Sony for not designing an IR receiver into the PS3.

    2. Getting a 3rd party IR remote and learning its commands into the Onkyo remote. Of course, you'll have to also live with a dongle sticking out of your PS3's USB jack. A bit unsightly. I've had my 60gb PS3 almost since that fateful Fall day it was release some years ago but I never went for these.

    3. Getting PS3IR-500 or something similar and pairing that with a Harmony or a Pronto. More expense and of course, yet another remote.

So there you have it. I am enjoying Blu-ray's, navigating through menus, and switching control over to the Comcast DVR with my one, my sole, my only Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver remote!
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