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Controlling a Marantz SR5001 with the RS232 port?

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Hi guys.

I saw that my SR5001 has a RS232 port on the back. The receiver is placed in a rack where I cant see the frontdisplay. So I would like to know if any of you guys could tell me which codes, databits etc. I need to control the amplfier. The same way you can control it with the IR remote, that I would like to control with a RS232 cable.

I have tried marantz.com, but they arent writing back to me.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards

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If you find this, please post it because I am looking for it too..

Originally Posted by TomBonge /forum/post/16828955

If you find this, please post it because I am looking for it too..

Of cause

Anyone, who can help me?
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Take a look at my website RoamingRemote.com . My software supports Onkyo and Integra receivers and preamps now, with Denon and Pioneer currently in beta test.

I'll be offering control for Marantz and Krell devices in Q3. If you prefer not to use my software, I'll send you the codes as soon as I get them from Marantz (I don't have them yet).


Your software looks cool, but I use a mac. I just need the codes to control the volume so I can write an applescript fired by remote buddy with my PS3 bluetooth remote to control the volume. If you ever get them, please let me know.
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