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I am brand new to the forums, and have searched and cannot find any posts that fit my situation, everyone elses posts and requirements for what they seek seem much more complicated, so I'd imagine my question is fairly easy, but I do not have the equipment to test it to figure it out, so I'm hoping someone knows and can make life easier

Anyway, I bought a new house, and it's being remodeled from top to bottom. The whole house will be wired with Cat6 with the obvious gigabit routers/switches, etc.

In the theater room, I have a 65" HDTV, and a klipsche sound system with an HDMI Upconvert receiver that manages everything currently.

I've wanted to add a HTPC for a while, but it's not worth the effort in my current house, but it is in my new one.

I only really want to rip all my movies/music and blu-rays to the HTPC (I find my CD racks and shelves, etc, pretty ugly, Plus I don't want to have to get up, find the movie case, take the movie out, put it in my blu-ray player, then exit my current task, etc etc.)My only real problem is I want there to be a small LCD touchscreen monitor that I will mount in a strategic location, that will just control the OS so I don't need a mouse that controls the HTPC, which will in turn play the movie I select via my touchscreen on my 65" HDTV. I am very techy, so don't have to dumb anything down, but unfortunatly I have no experience in dual monitor solutions. I have fifteen computers and have never needed two monitors for one of them.

I'd imagine I can use 2 video cards, but I am not sure....

Also, I'm an avid gamer, and the HTPC will be also used for gaming. The touchscreen will be absolutely useless for this, so I will need a wireless mouse/keyboard for that part. I know that is kinda dumb to have both, but I want the theater experience to be as "wow" as possible, no one will ever see the keyboard/mouse, as I don't frequently play FarCry 2 in my living room with company over, so the redundancy is mute to me.

If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it.

I have two servers mounted in a room I made in the attic, which looks something like you'd see at NASA, but I will either be storing all the music/video on those, or on the HTPC.


I suppose I could make a Home Media Server and put it in my "Nasa" room that would stream to my TV. The servers have no monitors attached at all, so I suppose I could just run a cord to the theater and hook up the LCD to it. Then, have a seperate computer for the gaming aspect....

Anyone who has done anything like me, please give me your ideas. I'm hungry for knowledge and would love to hear anyones current setup, or give me some insane ideas to do.

Thank you all very much

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you don't need two video cards, just one with multiple outputs ... though having two may be easier, it's tough to say unless you already have some secondary panel/interface in mind as a starting point. try posting this in the htpc forum for more responses.
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