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Controlling Temperature in Component Cabinet

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All my HT components driving 2 rooms are on a portable cart in a coat closet. The cabinet has the following components: 2 X A/V Receivers, 4 X Cable Boxes, 4 X DVD Players, 3 X Game Consoles, 2 X TiVo's, 1 X D-VHS.

When I keep the doors closed the temperature goes as high as 104F in the coat closet.

I need some help to cool my coat closet down. I don't think it is good for the components to run that hot.

I was thinking about the Panasonic Whisper Quiet Fan??


Any one else doing the same thing?

Please share your experiences.

Kind regards

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I installed a Panasonicfan in my under the stairs equipment room.

The house is still under construction so I cannot attest to the actual performance but in the show room they are very quiet. They make several different CFM units. (I used the 90 cfm w/light) unit as it is quieter than the 110) I would say most closets could use the smaller 70?cfm unit, they are even less noise.
I have a similiar problem only the equipment closet is very small. About 2.5 x3 ft. Mine is on the ground floor and I chose to cut some holes in the floor and have a small computer fan that takes cool air from under the house through a filter and another that blows air from the closet back under the house. System is still under construction but I think it will work pretty well as the under house air is rarely as high as 70 F. It will operate on a thermostat.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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