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Hi all,

Now this is not a thread about which is better but more of a decision i have to make but im struggling with it as the area of sound is not my forte.

As with all Modern LCD tv, the sound quality from 2x10w speakers is poor so inevetably i need to add a an amp or reciever.

I will be connecting:


Sony DVD player via HDMI

Virgin Media HD V+ Box Via HDMI

TV is a Samsung LCD le40m87

Now here is the conundrum. I know that there are huge differences between the bottom end products and the mid\ op end.

I have always wanted surround sound but didn't want to spend the earth.

After visiting every shop imaginable i have two products in mind

Yamaha RXV363 Amplifier £169 + Speakers

Only 2 HDMi IN (DVD and V+). PS3 would connect direct to TV and use optical out to Amp

OR the impressive

ONKYO TXSR806 £399 + Speakers


While its obvious that the onkyo is a better unit and upscales etc etc. Do i need it? My room size is 15ft x 10ft and the initial project was to get a straight forward surround system. I didn't want to buy a dvd complete system.

Obviously if the cost per unit were the same i wouldn't be writing this. I really only wanted to spend £300 but dont want to sell myself short. i will increase my budget providing that i will really see the benefit of the ONkyo but the whole project will have to go on a credit card.

I might also add that the wife, will of course be asking me to turn it down alot.

With regard to the V+ box does anyone know if the onko would upscale the standard channels to make the picture on the TV better or just pass through?

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just changed my mind after reading a few forums.

I think the Onyo will be too risky, too much to go wrong and the upscale is a little suspect. The blue dot thing)

I think i will now go for Sony STRDG820 £229
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