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I need to pick a receiver and speakers soon. I have a $250 gift card to BB that I'd dearly like to spend (I'm already over budget on the rest of the theater). My question is, based on what BB carries, should I spend it on the receiver or speakers?

The receivers that look ok to me are:

HK- AVR-146, AVR-247

Pioneer VSX-816K , VSX-917V-K

In speakers, I am leaning toward Klipsch from BB over JBL.

I'd prefer a 7.1 receiver, but I guess 5.1 would be ok. I also wanted auto-calibration and audio delay (lip-sync), but don't really care about video upconversion or hdmi switching.

If I get a receiver elsewhere, I'm leaning toward Onkyo, but have heard good things about Denon and Marantz.

So bottom line, should I use this $250 on speakers or a receiver?

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