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Yesterday I took out my spare Barco Vision 701 (could be an -s, -HQ or -MM version as well) to see if it still worked, but I noticed the following problem:

It is configured in FT (Front, Table) mode.
If you view the convergence blocks as three rows from top to bottom (it has 13 points convergence); the bottom and middle row work just fine, but the top row refuses to do anything.
The lines don't move a single millimeter when I adjust the setting from 0 to 100.
This problem is present on both blue and red.

I have a service manual for the Vision 708MM, and the convergence output board appears to be identical, but I can't tell for sure.
I have measured the large resistors on the output board, and all twelve of them are intact.
No obvious burn marks on the board, no visually swollen capacitors either.
Pulled out the connectors going to and from the board, plugged them back in, but to no avail.
Whether I try to change the convergence when the PJ is locked to a genlocked composite source, or the internal 15.6k or 31.7k source, doesn't matter either.

The convergence driver board has part number 780201S7 on its back (the sticker on the driver board reads 76220131), and the output board has part number 780200S3.

Soldering skills are present. If anyone could point me in the right direction with this problem, that would be really appreciated!

Attached pictures: overview of the boards; diagnostic LEDs; meaning of the LEDs.


Edit: I also noticed that "left bow" and "right bow" don't adjust the bow on each side, but instead they change the H-size of the image!
This is on red, green and blue. Top bow doesn't work at all.

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