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Converging two projectors!

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I'm wondering if anybody is using two projectors conveged onto the same screen to achieve a larger,brighter picture?

I have an NEC XG and would consider another if this is will work, especially in a rear projection system. I am hoping to get the screen up to 10' wide and still get the image quality I get now with a single projector at 80" wide.
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Search under stacking (don't forget archives) and you will find plenty of info on the pros and cons of doing this. You might also want to investigate a related topic known as blending.

There were a couple of threads in the last two weeks talking about both stacking and blending.

I've got enough projectors. I want to try it!

Thanks, I'll check into those threads.

I don't have 2 projectors as of yet, but if it works well, I'll investigate the purchase of another.

I think in a rear proj. application it would be excellent!
One of the best projectors for stacking was the NEC XG. If you have the space over under rear PJ is probably the best since no tube swapping and stability may be improved as opposed to using side by side as I have. I had a Runco 980u stack for five years and now a G90 stack. Just doesn't get better than this IMO. Ten feet wide is too big however if you want to get the very best. Stay at or below 9' with a screen with some gain, less in rear projection unless it is a lenticular gain screen then have fun.:)

Thanks Art, I was hoping that you'd be round to reply. I just found some of those old threads on blending, and it would definatly be a way of getting a much larger picture. However it seems that this is a new science in the home theatre realm so I may have to wait.

When I was researching some rear projection screens I came across this site:

It seems as though video walls are not all that new! Where does the problem exist when using this type of equipment. Is it just not cost effective.

I also like the stacking suggestion! A 9' screen would be really cool as well and maybe more feasable. In the case of the stacking, does it just give off more light output to enable a larger screen? I am happy with the current picture and brightness but really want to try RPJ as I have ample room to do so. Also the increase in screen size would be a bonus. I am aware that some of the more entry level rear screens are not as good but with a stack it may pay off.

It's really hard to find rear projection people on this forum :)!


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Try looking in the Over 20k forum. Cineramax is championing the Rear Projection screens from DNP. He can tell you what you want to know on this technology. I saw his setup in Naples a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty impressive.

Over 20k!!! Yeouch :)

Thanks Ericglo, I'll look into it
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