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I have been playing around with adding midbass modules to my L/R speakers.

I acquired two B&C 18TBW100 4 ohm woofers and I plan on reusing two DIYSG flat packs that I used for SI 18" subwoofers.

After doing some reading it appears that these woofers would perform better (40-180hz range) if I port the boxes.

I modeled the boxes and woofers in WinISD. Looks like if I add (4) 2" ports of ~4" length I can achieve a 39hz tune with a 1st port resonance of 1681.03 (not sure what this means and if it is ok or not).

Does it matter where I put the ports? I was thinking one in each corner on the front. Although they could be added to the rear as well. Does it matter?

Does anyone have any thoughts on converting the existing flat pack and adding ports?

Green line: 18TBW100 - 4^3ft ported
Blue line: 18TBW100 - 4^3ft sealed



1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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